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What is Nutritional Support for Weight Loss?

Americans are constantly fi ghting a battle to control their weight. But why is it that Americans are among the most obese people in the world? Most of us do not cook the majority of our meals any longer. We are a fastfood, processed-food culture. These fast foods are loaded with so much sugar and fat that it is impossible to eat a steady diet of them and maintain a healthy weight. Then there is our lack of exercise, our lack of physical activity. Europeans, who are generally thinner than Americans, walk or ride bicycles more often due to the widespread use of public transportation and the expense of gasoline in their countries. Starting an exercise or walking program of twenty minutes per day, either alone or with a friend, not only burns calories, but improves digestion, improves circulation and helps to relieve stress. In fact, stress has been shown to be another underlying factor in obesity. Exercise, including yoga or tai chi, has been shown to reduce stress and the accompanying weight gain that can go with stress.

While lifestyle changes such as better diet, more exercise and stress reduction have been shown to help lose weight, there are supplements that have been shown to be more than helpful in encouraging weight loss as well. Taking a fi ber supplement such as Fiber Blend in a glass of water prior to a meal will partially fi ll the stomach and help us to eat less, along with encouraging good bowel function. A chromium supplement taken 30 minutes prior to each meal helps to more effectively utilize blood sugar and therefore decrease appetite. Berberine Support has been shown to be helpful in dieting, as it helps to lower blood sugar levels as well as address lipid panels. Another herbal option, Garcinia cambogia, has been quite popular due to its promotion by celebrity physician Dr. Oz. Our Diet Support product features Garcinia cambogia and chromium in a useful weight loss product. Finally, using a high-nutrient, low-sugar and -carbohydrate option like Perfect Protein Powder to create weight loss smoothies can be just the thing to help minimize calorie intake but still provide the essential nutrients to stay healthy, and not hungry. When creating a weight loss smoothie, it is important to use a high-quality protein source and then “supercharge” the smoothie with vitamins and nutrients to supply the body with energy to work, exercise, and make other healthful lifestyle changes. Coenzyme B, a complete B-vitamin complex, along with Active Life Nutrient Capsules incorporated into a weight loss smoothie will provide the necessary nutritional support for energy and activity as an individual attempts to cut back on excess fats, salt, sugar and calories in their diet.

Trying to lose weight can be a major challenge. But we are happy to work with you and counsel you on healthy changes and the usage of pharmaceutical-grade supplements like the following:

  • Fiber Blend
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Perfect Protein Powder
  • Diet Support
  • Coenzyme B
  • Active Life Nutrient Capsules