Dental Compounding

Whether from dental procedures, cancer treatment, autoimmune disorders or other causes – can be incredibly painful, and even keep patients from eating and drinking. And they’re notoriously hard to treat, as many water-soluble solutions have the tendency to wash away with saliva.

Premier Pharmacy has received numerous requests from prescribers for topical oral medications containing anti-infective medications coupled with corticosteroids or even antihistamines.

Patients who might benefit from these topical formulations could include patients who have:

  • A localized infection in the oral cavity that needs to be treated,
  • Are suffering side effects associated with chemotherapy and-or radiation treatments, or
  • Prescribers desire to avoid systemically absorbed oral medications.

PCCA MucoLox

MucoLox’s one-of-a-kind polymer network provides improved moisturization, mucoadherence and superior film forming action, but won’t easily wash away, bonding to the mucosa to create a powerful but lightweight coating effect. When used with APIs, MucoLox’s advanced adhesive properties improve contact time of the API to the mucosa.

Ideal for the following formulations:

  • Dental/oral rinse/mouthwash
  • Oral moisturizer/protectant
  • Esophageal preparations
  • Swish/spit/swallow preparations

Ask your Dentist or Premier Pharmacist about compounded medications today