Dental Care

Whether from dental procedures, cancer treatment, autoimmune disorders or other causes – can be incredibly painful, and even keep patients from eating and drinking. And they’re notoriously hard to treat, as many water-soluble solutions have the tendency to wash away with saliva.

Personalized Formulations

We understand that oral conditions are unique so our Pharmacists are here to help create a customized approach to help treat a variety of situations including: TMJ, mucositis, oral thrush, xerostomia, oral lichen planus, burning mouth, cold sores & aphthous ulcers.

Localized Delivery Methods

Premier Pharmacy has received numerous requests from prescribers for topical oral rinses containing anti-infective medications coupled with corticosteroids or even antihistamines. Patients who might benefit from the topical delivery of such medications could include patients who: have a localized infection in the oral cavity that needs to be treated, are suffering side effects associated with chemotherapy and-or radiation treatments, or their prescribers desire to avoid systemically absorbed oral medications.

Insurance Coverage

As a network provider with most Medicare Part D, Medicaid & Commercial Insurance Plans, anticipate ZERO fax back requests.

Fast, Free & Convenient Delivery

Patients can avoid long lines at the pharmacy counter by receiving FREE delivery directly to their home or office.

Ask your Dentist or Premier Pharmacist about compounded medications today