Skin Conditions

There are over 3,000 different kinds of skin diseases, many of which are chronic and interfere with quality of life. Dermatologists have long recognized compounding as a productive avenue for medications, and dermatology patients are also familiar with having medications custom made for their specific skin care needs.

Personalized Formulations

We understand that skin conditions are unique so our Pharmacists are here to help create a customized approach to help treat a variety of situations including: eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, melasma or thick, hardened skin.

Localized Delivery Methods

Patients who might benefit from topical formulations could include patients who have: dry-flaky skin or some form of dermatitis, need to embed moisture into their skin, or a combination of skin conditions that need to be addressed with limited systemic absorption.

Insurance Coverage

As a network provider with most Medicare Part D, Medicaid & Commercial Insurance Plans, anticipate ZERO fax back requests.

Fast, Free & Convenient Delivery

Patients can avoid long lines at the pharmacy counter by receiving FREE delivery directly to their home or office.

Success Stories

PCCA PracaSil-Plus Silicone

Created for scar formulations and scar prevention, PracaSil-Plus features a proprietary blend of ingredients, including silicones and pracaxi oil.

  • Appropriate for new or old scars

  • Rich in skin-friendly fatty acids and lipids

  • Can be used with or without active ingredients

  • Formulated without gluten, casein, dye and parabens, among other allergens

PCCA Clarifying Base

This non-comedogenic cream base is ideal for patients suffering from acne or rosacea.

  • Natural ingredients that may improve red, blotchy skin

  • The unique avocado extract nourishes skin and decreases oil formation

  • May reduce the chances of irritation that are often seen with acne medications

  • May help promote faster release and improved delivery of common APIs

  • Can also be used in anti-aging formulations for patients with acne-prone skin

  • Has shown great stability when compounding with benzoyl peroxide

PCCA XemaTop

Created for formulations targeting eczema, psoriasis and xerosis (dry skin), XemaTop helps improve the appearance of red and irritated skin.

  • Replenishes the lipids within the skin

  • Nourishes the skin’s structural integrity

  • Helps restore the skin’s barrier and prevent water loss

  • May improve the delivery of common APIs

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