Upper Respiratory

Premier offers new advances in compounding preparations targeting upper respiratory conditions.

Premier offers the most innovative formulations for sinusitis infections and seasonal allergies currently on the market with personalized formulations containing antibiotics, antifungals, antihistamines and anti-inflammatories that are delivered directly into the sinus cavities.

Patients who might benefit from local anti-infective medications could include patients who:

  • Are using antibiotics, antifungals, or steroids orally, and have not achieved eradication of an existing nasal infection,
  • Are unable to take orally administered medications, or
  • Their prescriber desires to limit systemic absorption of oral antibiotics.

Patients who might benefit from local non anti-infective medications could include patients who are currently using:

  • Nasally delivered steroids,
  • Nasally or orally delivered antihistamines,
  • Nasally delivered anticholinergics,
  • Nasally or orally delivered mucolytics or
  • Irrigation systems to clear out the nasal cavities and remove debris.

Nasal Irrigation Therapy

Medicated Irrigation is commonly prescribed to flush the nasal cavities with a saline or medicated solution. Premier offers a FREE Saline Rinse Kit with every medicated irrigation prescription.

Nasal Nebulization Therapy

Nasal Nebulization therapy uses positive pressure to propel solutions deep into the sinus cavities providing relief and treatment to the sinus area. Nasal Nebulized medications and solutions are administered into each nasal passage; the nasal nebulized mist is mechanically delivered up into the nasal passages, depositing the solution topically deep into the sinus cavities. The NasoNebĀ® Nasal Nebulizer device can be used with physician prescribed solutions that are designed to be administered directly into the nasal passages and sinus cavities.

In many situations, an otic (ear) delivery of different anti-infective medications with different mechanisms of action is desired by healthcare practitioners.

Often, prescribers utilize medications from Premier Pharmacy due to previous patient failures on more typically utilized treatment regimens regularly dispensed by pharmacies that do not compound. In other situations, the glaring absence of any reasonably viable commercially available alternative for the ear infection, such as if the causative organism is highly resistant to anti-infective medications or the infection is fungal in nature (such as Aspergillus), forces a prescriber to look at other treatment options in order to treat the infection.

Premier Pharmacy has received numerous requests from prescribers for topical oral rinses containing anti-infective medications coupled with corticosteroids or even antihistamines.

Patients who might benefit from the topical delivery of such medications could include patients who:

  • Have a localized infection in the oral cavity that needs to be treated,
  • Are suffering side effects associated with chemotherapy and-or radiation treatments, or
  • Their prescribers desire to avoid systemically absorbed oral medications.

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