Premier offers the most innovative formulations for sinusitis infections and seasonal allergies currently on the market with personalized formulations containing antibiotics, antifungals, antihistamines and anti-inflammatories that are delivered directly into the sinus cavities.


Premier topical sinus formulations can be utilized through a selection of any three of our drug delivery devices that dispense compounded medications directly into the sinus regions and sinus cavities at the same time, resulting in a highly useful method for treating even the most difficult sinus conditions.

Nasal Spray Therapy

Premier provides the latest in aerosolizing technology. Each spray sends the medications directly into to the hard to reach upper sinus cavities, making contact with the infection topically.

Irrigation Therapy

Medicated Irrigation is commonly prescribed to flush the nasal cavities with a saline or medicated solution. Premier offers a FREE Saline Rinse Kit with every medicated irrigation prescription. The irrigator bottle eliminates the concern of harmful bacteria collecting within the bottle. The irrigator bottle is well designed and does not require an inner tube, unlike other brands.

Atomized Therapy

Atomized therapy uses positive pressure to propel solutions deep into the sinus cavities providing relief and treatment to the sinus area. The NasoNebĀ® Nasal Nebulizer has the ability to atomize solution deep into the sinus cavity in only 30 seconds. The design is unique and unlike the other brands, very sanitary due to the dedicated collection chamber within the adaptor cup that collects all the excess solution, thus preventing atomized solutions mixing with potentially contaminated overflow. Atomized medications and solutions are administered into each nasal passage; the atomized mist is mechanically delivered up into the nasal passages, depositing the solution topically deep into the sinus cavities. The NasoNebĀ® Nasal Nebulizer device can be used with physician prescribed solutions that are designed to be administered directly into the nasal passages and sinus cavities.

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