At Premier, we understand that chronic and acute pain can be detrimental to your patient’s everyday living and that is why our experienced healthcare professionals go the extra mile to ensure your patients receive the best in pharmaceutical care. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Can personalized pain formulations be used with other skin products?

Yes, personalized pain formulations can be used with other skin products. Consult your pharmacist or physician.



Do personalized pain formulations need to be refrigerated?

No, it can be stored at room temperature.



Can children use personalized pain formulations?

In general, personalized pain formulations are not prescribed for children. Consult your physician.



How often should personalized pain formulations be applied?

Personalized pain formulations are typically applied up to 3 to 5 times a day or as needed. Specific instructions will be provided with your medication when dispensed.



Can personalized pain formulations be applied anywhere on the body?

Yes, when used as directed.



Can personalized pain formulations be used with other medications?

Yes, personalized pain formulations can be used in combination with most other medications. Due to its transdermal administration, far less interaction with other drugs is expected. Always consult your physician about using personalized pain formulations in combination with other medications or treatments



Do personalized pain formulations have any side effects?

There is a possibility of skin irritation, as with any topical medication. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use and contact your pharmacist or physician



Is there a risk of drug dependence when using personalized pain formulations?

The topical application method is expected to reduce the risk of dependence and addiction.



What are the added benefits of personalized pain formulations versus other forms of pain treatment?

Premier pain formulations are personalized to provide increased local concentration of medication for targeted relief. There are many mass-produced pain relievers on the market however, due to their dosage strength, format, or other factors they can lead to many unwanted side effects. Additionally, some people have a problem swallowing pills or tablets, presenting further obstacles to their pain treatment plan. Manufacturers of manufactured pain relievers often design their products based on a “one size fits all” attitude assuming each patient has an average body weight, average pain tolerances, and even average symptoms. Premier always sees the patient as an individual and we are equipped to take each patient’s unique needs into consideration when formulating their medication.



What types of pain may benefit from personalized pain formulations?

Personalized pain formulations can be useful for a wide range of conditions, including upper & lower back pain, arthritic pain, musculoskeletal pain, neuropathic pain, diabetes-related pain, sports-related pain, muscle spasms, carpal tunnel syndrome, gout, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, epicondylitis, tendinosis, trigeminal neuralgia, TMJ disorders, radiculopathy, and fibromyalgia.