About Us

Locally Owned & Operated

As a locally owned business, Premier Pharmacy isn’t beholden to shareholders. We have no outside interests to deter us from our long-term goal of providing value in patient specific compounded prescriptions. Since the early 1990’s ownership has always kept us focused on what matters most – providing the highest quality compounded prescriptions at the best possible price. Ownership maintains long-standing relations with many of the country’s top ingredient suppliers to keep prices low, and they’re continuously reinvesting in cutting-edge laboratory equipment to ensure that quality is never compromised.

Personalized Care

Premier Pharmacy is a nationally recognized compounding pharmacy dedicated to providing cutting edge technology with state of the art equipment developed to help individuals suffering from a variety of conditions. We are contracted with insurance providers nationwide which allow us the ability to provide our patients with treatment for little to no out of pocket cost. We work directly with the patient’s insurance provider to file their claim. Once we receive a prescription, a member of our experienced staff will guide the patient through their personalized formulation and conduct follow up calls during and after treatment.

Commitment to Quality

Our on-site laboratory has access to over 4,500 active and non-active chemicals. We only receive chemicals from manufactures that are fully registered by the FDA, DEA and follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Medications are prepared for an identified individual patient based on the receipt of a valid prescription order approved by the prescribing practitioner. Medications are prepared in compliance with the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) standards.

Charitable Commitment

Premier Pharmacy has enjoyed many good years, but we’ve also seen our fair share of lean years, and it’s these times that help us remain grounded and focused on what really matters – helping patients in the communities we serve. At Premier Pharmacy we’re committed to sharing our blessings and good fortune with others.

Our mission

To be the healthcare organization of choice for patients and physicians by providing high quality care in the communities we serve.

Our values

Integrity, Excellence, and Respect for all people are the pillars for how we operate our business.

Our vision

The vision of Premier is to make a significant contribution to humanity by advancing the understanding of disease management through personalized medicines.

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