Estrogen function in the body

  • Stimulates the production of choline acetyltransferase, an enzyme which prevents Alzheimer’s disease 1

  • Helps with fine motor skills 1

  • Enhances energy 2

  • Increases metabolic rate 2

  • Improves insulin sensitivity 2

  • Regulates body temperature 2

  • Helps prevent muscle damage 2

  • Helps maintain muscle 2

  • Improves sleep 2

  • Reduces risk of cataracts 3,4

  • Helps maintain the elasticity of arteries 5

  • Dilates small arteries 5

  • Increases blood flow 6

  • Inhibits platelet stickiness 7

  • Decreases the accumulation of plaque on arteries 7

  • Enhances magnesium uptake and utilization 8

  • Decreases wrinkles 9

  • Maintains the amount of collagen in the skin 9

  • Increases the water content of skin and is responsible for its thickness and softness 9

  • Decreases blood pressure 10

  • Reduces the overall risk of heart disease 11

  • Decreases LDL and increases HDL 12

  • Decreases lipoprotein(a) and lipids 13

  • Enhances the production of nerve‐growth factor 14

  • Improves mood 15

  • Helps maintain memory 15

  • Maintains bone density 16

  • Helps prevent glaucoma 17

  • Increases sexual desire 18

  • Reduces homocysteine 19

  • Protects against macular degeneration 20

  • Decreases risk of colon cancer 21

  • Helps prevent tooth loss 22


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